Finance solutions for a broad range of clinical specialities
We are the only Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised lender providing low cost, ethical and risk-free finance for patients seeking the following types of elective procedures.

Chrysalis Medical Finance is the leading Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised specialist lender offering low cost, ethical payment options for patients seeking access to a broad range of elective medical procedures. We manage the entire process of providing finance for patients as well as taking full responsibility for all compliance risks and regulations. We are currently the only company in the UK offering this unique finance and regulatory solution to hospital groups and consultants.
Funding research to better understand and support clinicians
Our overriding aim is to provide ethical and affordable access to a broad range of private medical health care. To achieve this we stay close to the researchers and clinicians who develop and pioneer cutting edge treatments. We choose to fund our own clinical research and have an advisory board representing some of the world’s leading clinical specialists in a broad range of treatment areas such as Oncology. We view this investment as an important organisational choice, providing us with a crucial understanding of developments in the medical arena. One that will help us achieve our objective of helping the medical profession provide excellent medical care to the wider population.

Full payment within 48 hours
With current pressures on the NHS, patients are increasingly encouraged to look at alternative funding methods for many elective procedures. Thanks to our simple and integrated credit application and approval process, Chrysalis can provide the funding for your patients within seconds of the credit application, meaning that you, the provider, can enjoy payment for treatment earlier in the care pathway (usually within 48hrs of the initial application). You can offer the patient full flexibility to change the values and scope of treatment as well as providing optimum levels of care not dependent upon limited patient budgets.

Simple and intuitive technology that integrates with your systems
Our simple and intuitive technology platform integrates directly with your existing systems. Credit transactions are accepted within seconds and with minimal data input. We offer paperless e-signature processes, as well as paper and online solutions. Patients receive an instant decision and can sign their credit agreement on screen, in the clinic, or at home. We can provide a shadow limit to the patient before treatment begins allowing you to offer treatment types that will suit their budgets. Let us take away the hassle and concern about paying for care, provide the patient with instant and easy to use payment choice, and improve the way the patients see your organisation. Chrysalis IT systems and infrastructure are fully N3 connection compliant for the transmission and dissemination of anonymised medical data and files, and comply fully with the requirements of IGSoC.

As a professional in my field, I like to think I’m good at what I do but I can’t be good at everything. So we, as a profession, should turn to someone who knows what they’re doing in their field and take the unnecessary hassles away from us. I’m a great believer in leaving the experts to do their bit while I do my bit and concentrate on my patients.